EXTRA! EXTRA! 2-game series planned between 1928, 2020 Tomcats!

ASHLAND, Ky. – An agreement has been reached on a two-game series between Ashland’s only undefeated basketball teams.

The 1928 Tomcats, who were state and national champions during a 37-0 season, and the 2020 Tomcats, who went 33-0 before the season was cancelled, will play on the other’s court with home era rules.

In other words, when the game is played at the old Ashland High School – home of the 28 champions – it will be jump ball after every score, no over-and-back rules and coaches may stay seated on a wooden plank bench. When the game moves to James A. Anderson gym, which is named after the 28 head coach, the 3-point shot and basketball rules of today will be in effect.

Large crowds are reported to be coming to both games (These simulation games may be subject to a computer virus but not the coronavirus). It will be one of the hottest ticket in Ashland history. Proceeds from the game will benefit Amy For Africa (of course, right?).

“If I have to sit on a wooden plank for the entire game, somebody better get some rope and tie me down,” said 2020 Tomcats coach Jason Mays.

Ellis Johnson and Cole Villers met and shook hands at midcourt in the old gym to seal the deal.

“His grip about broke my hand,” Villers said. “This is going to be interesting.”



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