Instant replay: 2000-04 Tomcats dominate again (even with pants prank)

ASHLAND, Ky. – The 2000-04 Tomcat All-Stars followed the same script as the series opener in sweeping the 2005-09 Tomcats with a 117-97 victory in the Tomcat Shootout.

It was an identical instant replay.

The 2005-09 tried everything to slow Mark Surgalski – man-to-man, triangle-and-two, box-and-one, matchup zones, 2-3 zone, 1-3-1 zone – and nothing seemed to work. They even pulled down his trunks on one putback attempt.

Surgalski grabbed a rebound, went up for the dunk and his trunks were suddenly at his ankles. Danny Coleman was called for a technical foul, but claimed innocence when the ref blew the whistle and put the T in his face.

“Hey, guys, I didn’t do anything,” he said. “I’m a victim of circumstance just because I’m related to Bill Bradley. And, besides, Surgalski’s shorts were loose. Anybody could see that! I can’t believe you’re giving me a technical!”

Coleman happened to be behind Surgalski when he soared up for the dunk-putback.

“He was tugging at them,” Surgalski said. “Come on Danny, you know you did it.”

Coach Buddy Biggs of the 2005-09 Tomcats, did accomplish the goal of slowing Surgalski, who had “only” 15 points and 10 rebounds. Biggs never used the kitchen sink that was seen under his chair.

But the added attention on Surgalski opened things up for Arliss Beach, who was outstanding with 25 points and 12 assists. The muscular Beach was impossible to stop on drives to the basket and he hit some jumpers, too. He was 10 of 15 from the field. Jeremy Howell also found plenty of openings on the perimeter and scored 22.

The game was a carbon copy of the opener with the 2000-04 Tomcats never trailing. They led 31-18 after the first quarter and built a lead of 26 points.

“Two great games,” said 2000-04 Coach Mike Flynn. “They tried a little bit of everything on Mark but he hung in there with it, even when they pants-ed him. I gotta admit getting a chuckle out of how Danny Coleman reacted to that technical. He was doing anything he could to get into Mark’s head.”

Surgalski was a “human” 6-for-15 shooting so Coleman’s mental war may have done a little damage.

“Nah,” said Surgalski. “We were just having fun. My guys picked me up with some good games, too. This team isn’t just me.”

Six players scored in double figures and the 2000-04 Tomcats had 29 assists, led by Beach’s dozen.

Zack Davis had 14 points and nine rebounds and Matt Johnson collected 14 points and seven rebounds. Adam Howard added 12 points.

The second game of the series was a little closer throughout, hovering between 12 and 17 points most of the game. It grew to 26 points with three minutes to play when Howard drove for basket and the rest of the game was played in a near-empty Anderson gym.

“We had some edges on them because of the matchups,” Flynn said. “That happens sometimes although I’m not sure many teams can match up with Mark and Arliss. Most of these teams have some really good players but I wouldn’t trade those guys. We have some other shooters on this team too. It’ll be a tough team to beat.”

Biggs agreed that the Surgalski-Beach duo is a nightmare matchup for anybody.

“But try stopping them and Jeremy and Adam?” he said of the Tomcats’ guards. “Matt Johnson is so tough inside, too. Just a very well-rounded team and Coach Flynn is one of the best around. They dominated us.”

Meanwhile, Coleman was continuing to claim he didn’t deserve the technical foul.

“I guess it’s the ‘Bradley reputation’ that got me there,” he said. “I didn’t do anything, I swear! Why would I do that?”

Matt Thomas collected 19 points, six assists and five rebounds while Drew McDavid and Dylan Delaney scored 15 apiece for the 2005-09 Tomcats. Brett Miller hit 6-of-8 attempts and scored 13 and Ryan Bonner collected seven points and 10 rebounds,

For the second game in a row, the 2005-2009 team got off exactly 100 shots and outrebounded the 2004-05 Tomcats, 49-48.

Biggs also pointed to a large discrepancy at the foul line. The 2000-04 Tomcats were 25 of 40 from the line while the 2005-09 Tomcats were 10 of 19.

“I’m not complaining, mind you, but that’s a pretty big gap,” Biggs said. “And Surgalski … well … let’s just say he gets away with a lot. That ‘star factor’ was at play for him. Ask Danny Coleman about that. He knows.”

“You tell ‘em Coach,” Coleman said. “They guy got away with murder out there!”

The 2010-14 Tomcats play the 2015-2020 Tomcats in the next series to determine the quarterfinalists.

It will not start until later in the week from Anderson gym.

2005-09 TOMCATS (97) – McDavid 6-13 2-2 15, Wilcox 4-10 0-3 10, Thomas 8-22 2-6 19, Delaney 6-17 3-4 15, Bonner 3-6 1-2 7, Skaggs 3-10 1-1 8, Miller 6-8 1-1 13, C.Johnson 1-4 0-0 2, Coleman 3-7 0-0 6, Cannoy 1-5 0-0 2. FG: 41-102. FT: 10-19. 3FG: 5-23 (McDavid 1-2, Wilcox 2-6, Thomas 1-5, Delaney 0-1, Skaggs 1-2, Coleman 0-2, Cannoy 0-3). Rebounds: 49 (McDavid 4, Wilcox 6, Thomas 5, Bonner 10, Skaggs 2, Miller 12, Delaney 4, C.Johnson 1, Coleman 5). Assists: 19 (McDavid 3, Thomas 6, Delaney 1, Skaggs 3, C.Johnson 2, Coleman 2, Cannoy 2). PF: 24. Turnovers: 15.

2000-04 TOMCATS (117) – Beach 10-15 4-7 25, Howell 9-16 4-6 22, Surgalski 6-15 3-4 15, M.Johnson 6-13 2-2 14, Davis 6-8 2-8 14, Salyers 1-4 1-2 3, Howard 4-5 3-4 12, Cooksey 1-2 4-4 6, J.Cook 1-2 2-3, C.Cook 1-1 0-0 2. FG: 45-81. FT: 25-40. 3FG: 2-7 (Beach 1-2, Howell 0-2, M.Johnson 0-1, Howard 1-1). Rebounds: 48 (Beach 4, Howell 6, Surgalski 10, M.Johnson 7, Davis 9, Salyer 3, Howard 5, Cooksey 2, J.Cook 1, .Cook 2). Assists: 29 (Beach 12, Howell 2, Surgalski 3, M.Johnson 2, Davis 2, Salyer 1, Cooksey 4, J.Cook 2, C.Cook 1). PF: 19. Turnovers: 9.

2005-09 TOMCATS         18      22      33       24        –            97

2000-04 TOMCATS         31      26       30      30        –            117


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