My mother, who died last week at the age of 90, had a special love for dolls.

She always said she was making up for her childhood when she didn’t have any dolls. But she certainly made up for it by purchasing hundreds of collectible dolls and others maybe not as collectible but still lifelike in the past three decades.

My mother also had a heart for others, especially the less fortunate. She became interested in Amy For Africa over the past few years through my involvement and especially loved co-founder Amy Compston who, during one of mom’s hospital stays, checked in on her and kept her company. The more she learned about AFA, and Amy, and what was happening in Uganda through this organization that her son also loved so much, the more she liked it and wanted to support it.

So here’s what my brother and I decided to do since we are suddenly the owners of Mom’s beautiful dolls that need a new home. We are having a DOLL ESTATE SALE on Friday and the proceeds will benefit Amy For Africa. The dolls originally ranged in price from $10 to $500. But just make us an offer and a collectible can be yours for far less than its original value. Her only request to me and my brother: Please don’t throw away my dolls.

This is a way for our late mother to make a difference 8,000 miles away – and even for all of eternity – by selling her dolls that can find their way into the hands of a young girl, or even an adult who likes collecting as much as Mom did. Continue reading “DOLL ESTATE SALE FRIDAY TO BENEFIT AMY FOR AFRICA”