2017 CP-1 HOF class carries some clout

Joe Conley, left, and Charlie Reliford at the CP-1 Hall of Fame ceremonies in 2015 when Reliford was inducted in the first class. Conley is among 13 in the 2017 class.

ASHLAND, Ky. – Looking over the 2017 CP-1 Ashland Baseball Hall of Fame class it’s clear this bunch has a little bit of everything.

You want pitchers? We have some of the best.

Hard-throwing Jim Speaks and John Mullins, dominating lefties Tim Huff and J.D. Browne and the incredibly steady Bo Carter makes for an incredible staff.

Browne owned the mound during his day and he picked off everybody in his generation at least once.

Nard Pergrem and Mike Smith or Kevin Gothard make for a dandy shortstop-second base combo. Gothard also played in the outfield some as did Joe Conley, who turned in some spectacular plays for the 1968 state champions.

Catchers? We’ve got three great ones with Mike Gothard, John Thomas and Steve Hemlepp. That trio brings the power to a lineup that would be hard to beat.

We even have umpires. Two of the greatest umpires in CP-1 history are on the field with us in Dale Griffith (also an outstanding player in the 1950s) and Conley (a member of all three Tomcat championship teams).

Try this lineup on for size:

1.Nard Pergrem, ss

2.Mike Smith, 2b

3.Kevin Gothard, rf

4.Mike Gothard, 3b

5.John Thomas, cf

6.John Mullins, lf

7.Tim Huff, dh

8.Steve Hemlepp, c

9.Bo Carter, 1b

Pitchers, J.D. Browe and Jim Speaks

Umpires, Joe Conley and Dale Griffith

Every one of this year’s honorees has a story to tell and they (or a representative) will have the opportunity to do it from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday in front of the big diamond in Central Park.

We will also be dedicating the historic marker recognizing Baseball in Central Park and have some special recognitions planned.

Come in casual dress and enjoy The Show.

And be sure to bring a hanky because it’s going to get emotional.

The 2017 class:

J.D. Browne

Bo Carter

Joe Conley

Kevin Gothard

Mike Gothard

Dale Griffith

Steve Hemlepp

Tim Huff

John Mullins

Nard Pergrem

Mike Smith

Jim Speaks

John Thomas

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