Dance Whisperer: Legend takes to floor Saturday

The Dance Whisperer dances to win.

By MARK MAYNARD/ Dancing With Our Stars special edition

NJERU, Uganda – They speak of him in reverent terms in deepest Africa.

But is he man or myth?

Or maybe half of each?

“I’ve seen the Dance Whisperer,” says one native, who refused to be identified, “and he’s real, a human dance machine. His moves, they are like nothing anyone has ever seen here. We were in awe at the first glance, studied him closely, and then the gyrations began …”

His voice trailed off and the native rushed away from the reporter before speaking another word. Images of the Dance Whisperer are ever present in Uganda, where he has put on crowd-drawing dance clinics when the music starts.

The Dance Whisperer carries a certain mystic in Uganda, where he has taught his skills on short trips there in villages where true dancing was born. Nobody knows quite what to think about him (boy is that ever true), but his legend is, well, legendary.

Those who are willing to learn – and more importantly listen to this master teacher of dance – become protégés, but they understand that there is only one Dance Whisperer. His moves cannot be duplicated. He is a unique superstar dancer who doesn’t understand himself the power he holds.

“We are in awe of his dance moves,” said one of those protégés in broken English. “He communicates with his fast feet. We try to follow him but it is not possible.”

How Carol Allen of the Highlands Museum convinced this dancing, daring and darling phenom to be part of the “Dancing With Our Stars” is a wonder in itself. After all, he’s known to, uh, like to be behind the scenes (oh brother). His appearing before a large audience is a feat in itself. It’s like Michael Jordan accepting an invitation to your 3-on-3 tournament.

But know this: The Dance Whisperer’s super powers come from his dance partner (finally, a really true statement).

Even the not-so-humble Dance Whisperer has admitted as much.

“My celebrity dance partner is my world,” he says.

She completes the Dance Whisperer, providing the Middle C to the keyboard of life for this self-made dancing wonder.

Don’t miss their appearance Saturday night. It’s like a Halley’s Comet moment.

He will send over a truck for the Mirror Ball next week.


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