New adult league, Yo Momma Basketball, brings back memories of pool ball

Charlie Scott invites everybody to his dunking good time in the Yo Momma Basketball adult league in Central Park this summer.

Charlie Scott learned how to play basketball in the School of Hard Knocks on the concrete courts in Central Park.

He had more than a few skinned knees and elbows but there were lessons he took with him on the organized basketball courts later. “Bill Bradley would come out there in his Converse and just put it on us,” he said. “Dirtiest player I ever played against.”

Bradley would consider being called the “dirtiest player” that Scott ever matched up against a great compliment.

Smart, dirty, you get the idea. Bradley may even call it “crafty” and his 37 years of running the CLEM extravaganza in his backyard court says everything you need to know about his love for outdoor basketball.

Many of the greatest teams and players in area history cut their teeth on summer basketball games at Southside Pool, Dreamland Pool and Central Park. Teams at Southside and Dreamland would stay up until somebody beat them. Some of the best Tomcat teams from the 1950s through the 1980s sharpened their skills and teamwork abilities at the pools and the park.

Scott said he’d like to see some high school players put together teams for the league and learn like he did – from some hard knocks of older players who knew their way around a concrete court and knew how to put the young guys on their butts.

“We’re missing that toughness and this brings that out in players,” Scott said. “I just want to do something that makes me smile, to help basketball be where it should be in Ashland.”

Scott’s dream is to bring the Central Park courts alive again with an adult basketball league named Yo Momma Basketball. It’s for male and female, high school age and up. The league has a start date of June 18 and goes through August 11. They will play games every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 6, 7 and 8 p.m. Teams will play three games per week and they will be officiated. There will be a postseason tournament with the winning team getting individual trophies, championship t-shirts and a return of the entry fee.

Cost is $500 per team but some simple math shows that a 10-man team pays only $50 per person. Each player receives a t-shirt and is in the running for the league Most Valuable Player award.

The league has been approved by the Central Park board and Scott is promising a good time with games being played and music blaring from the courts near Central Avenue. He’s passionate about making it work enough to even dress up like “Yo Momma” for some promotional photographs and videos.

It could be a business would like to sponsor a team for the summer. Teams are guaranteed three games a week through the eight-week season. That means 24 games per team. Learn more by calling Charlie at (606) 585-4029.

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