Simulated Kiwanis Bowl rosters: It’s a Who’s Who of Tomcat football greats

Let your imagination run wild for a minute and picture some of these matchups in real life. It would be epic. We will have to settle for a simulated battle between these Tomcats who were once-upon-a-time stars for Coles and Putnam Junior Highs.

That series lasted from 1952-1978. These players are from 1955 to 1981 with one player who played in the last Kiwanis Bowl as an eighth-grader and graduated in 1982.

They were selected because they made some form of All-State during their Tomcat careers. It’s not everybody because there were a few who didn’t go to Coles or Putnam and some I simply couldn’t find which one they attended. But it’s a bunch of great Tomcats and they will play in a simulated game. Listen to the play-by-play on Wednesday at 8 p.m. with Dicky Martin and myself and read about the game later.

The Ashland Kiwanis Club will be selling a commemorative program that will include rosters and a game story. It’s a great organization that has the community at heart, So if they come knocking, answer and buy an advertisement for this keepsake program.

COLES 1952 to 1978

ENDS: Walt Jones (1955), Gary McPeek (1956), John Stafford (1962), Jim Lyons (1967), Rob Queen (1971), Willie Thomas (1974), Rick Sang (1975), Drew Hall (1980), Ike Ramey (1980)

LINE: Ronnie Perry (1956), Richard Carr (1960), Larry Fairchild (1961)John Burton (1967), Mike Broughton (1969), Steve Justice (1972), Kenny Daniels (1972), Mike Wheeler (1972), Terry Fish (1974), Terry Bell (1974), Casey Jones (1975), Yancey Ramey (1976), Mike Sparks (1976), Phil Walters (1981)

RUNNING BACKS: Joe Layman (1958), Jack Williams (1959), Chip Miller (1962), Tobey Tolbert (1966), Robbie Keeton (1967), Paul Hill (1967), Joe Mantle (1969), Richard Gardner (1971), Pierre Harshaw (1972), Mike Gothard (1974), Wendell Fugitt (1974), Roger Gardner (1974), Gary Thomas (1976),  Steve Clark (1978), Dave Hall (1980)

QUARTERBACKS: Kendall Bocard (1959), Steve Curnutte (1971), Mike Kimbrell (1973), Chuck Anderson (1975), Scott Crank (1981).

PUTNAM 1952 to 1978

ENDS: Monte Campbell (1958), George Branham (1963), John Thomas (1965), Roger Webb (1972), Randy Elkins (1972).

LINE: Dick Vaughn (1955), Bobby Lee (1959)Tim Brown (1962), Nick Jordan (1963), Gary Layman (1965), Les Lyons (1967), Bill Culbertson (1967), Larry Johnson (1967), Tom Lyons (1967), Larry Webb (1967), Larry Leimbach (1967), Eddie Overton (1970), Richard Hinkle (1971), Joe Mayer (1971), David Johnson (1972), Mark Hickman (1973), David Arthur (1978), Brent Dean (1978), Tony Consiglio (1980).

RUNNING BACKS: Robert Wright (1956), Dick Callihan (1957), Herb Conley (1958), Dick Fillmore (1958), Mike McGraw (1960), Bobby Bradley (1961), Eddie Radjunas (1962), Vic McGuire (1963), JB Conley (1963), Robby Mahan (1965), Steve Layman (1972), Jerry Bentley (1972), Randy Rice (1972), Rick Smoot (1973), Rick Allen (1974), Jay Shippey (1976),

QUARTERBACKS: Joe Hearne (1955), Tom Ferguson (1964), John Radjunas (1967), Mark Conley (1976), Greg Conley (1982)

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