Ashland native part of huge golf project in Texas

Ashland native Stephen Limpach has moved to Frisco, Texas, to be a part of a transformational move for the PGA of America, called PGA Frisco. The $500 million project on 600 acres includes two golf courses, a 10-hole short course, practice areas, headquarters campus, clubhouse, Omni resort and conference center, retail village, parks, and walking trails.

Limpach, a graduate of Paul G. Blazer in 2008, has come a long way from his small-town roots. He went on to study Sport Management in an accredited PGA Golf Management program, at N.C. State University in Raleigh, N.C. and thereafter became a Certified PGA Professional. He chose the route of business and administration versus working the traditional path of a golf course club professional.

“One of my biggest inspirations growing up was Jeff Bostic,” Limpach said. Bostic is the long-time PGA Professional and General Manager at Bellefonte Country Club. “He wrote a letter of recommendation for me in high school when I applied to colleges.”

Stephen Limpach of Ashland is part of a big golf project in Texas. He gives much credit to his Ashland roots.

“Other than Jeff, I didn’t know anyone in the golf industry, but was so drawn to it,” Limpach added.

Limpach worked five internships in golf before eventually landing an entry-level position at the PGA in 2013. “I stayed patient because I love the game and industry.” He is now approaching 8 years as a full-time staff member with the PGA and more passionate than ever.

He traces that passion and dedication to his family and the resilient community that raised him. “Ashland embodies some of the hardest working and humble people you will ever meet. It is such a strong community with incredible families who support one another.” His father, a carpenter by trade, worked at FCI Ashland for 25 years and his mother worked at KDMC for over 30 years.

“Growing up, I never dreamed of being a part of something like this (PGA Frisco),” Limpach explained. “I hope our youth can simply hear my story and pursue work they are passionate about. I’d be happy to speak with anyone who is interested in a career in golf or sports.”

An accomplished junior golfer, Limpach lettered 5 times at Blazer including 8th grade while still in middle school.

“I owe a thank you to a lot of people but especially Mr. Tom Cooksey, who opened so many doors for junior golfers in eastern Kentucky. Without those opportunities, I would have never started playing tournament golf or developed a passion for the game.” Cooksey, a member of the Kentucky Golf Hall of Fame, helped create the Tri-State Jr. Golf Association and AJGA Bluegrass Junior Tournament decades ago. “Those local programs and tournaments were how I got started which eventually lead to a career,” Limpach explained.

According to Limpach, the golf industry is growing and evolving in many aspects.
Recreational golf has surged during the COVID-19 pandemic all throughout the country, as golf courses have become a refuge for mental health and a safe place to enjoy the outdoors. Folks from all walks of life are trying the game for the very first time.

“I would encourage everyone to try golf and simply have fun,” Limpach explained, “don’t worry about the rules, etiquette, or dress code. Play three holes after work, turn on music, hit a small bucket of balls with a friend, laugh, play a golf video game, bring your kids and let them play in the sand. At the PGA, we emphasize that there are so many different ways to experience golf other than a traditional 18-hole round.”

If you’re looking for an outlet this summer, some wonderful golf courses in the area include Diamond Links, Sandy Creek, Bellefonte, Yatesville Lake, Hidden Cove, and Sugarwood.

If you’re ever in Texas and want to tee it up, contact your fellow Kentuckian, Stephen. (

One thought on “Ashland native part of huge golf project in Texas

  1. Frisco is a great community in North Texas..Should be a nice place to live and work..Dallas-Ft Worth area..


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