‘Mark My Words 2’ covers little bit of everything

What do Mickey Mantle, Bevo Francis, Joe DiMaggio, Jody Hamilton, Don Gullett, Kevin Bair and a football team called JAWS have in common?

They are just a few of the many stories in “Mark My Words 2,” a collection of stories from Ashland historian Mark Maynard. This is Mark’s 11th book since 2010. The first book was “Mark My Words” published by the Jesse Stuart Foundation. JSF also published his second book, “Teamwork,” and the rest of come through Right Eye Graphics.

The latest is a greatest hits list of stories from Maynard, most of them coming from his popular MarkMyWords2.com blog.

He covers the 33-0 Tomcats perfect season in 2019-20 and the 1928 national champion Ashland Tomcats. He writes about the night Bevo Francis lit up Ashland Junior College for an astounding 114 points and Kevin Bair’s home run for the ages that won a state championship for East Carter High School in 1984.

‘Mark My Words 2″ is available by mail or at several locations in Ashland. Cost is $20 ($4 more with shipping).

His stories deal mostly with the Ashland area and include some reflections on some of her greatest people and athletes.

Ginny Carter, who was a mother to so many in Ashland American Little League in the 1960s, is featured in the book and the day his father-in-law, Fred Boggs, scored his one and only ace at the age of 87.

There are also one-on-one interviews with Putnam Stadium (you read that right), and obits on the press at the Ashland Daily Independent and Armco Steel.

The stories will make you laugh and some will make you cry.

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy email Mark at mainrod@windstream.net or visit PayPal and include payment ($24 with shipping) and address. Mark’s Paypal address is mainrod@windstream.net

Locally, books are available at Pollock’s Jewelry and the Trophy House (formerly Ashland Sporting Goods). Call (606) 571-1031 for more information.

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