Wiffle Ballers will be swinging for Amy For Africa on Saturday

ASHLAND, Ky. – When I think back on my summers growing up, wiffleball was a big part of it. Every neighborhood in Ashland had “stadiums” where you could play 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 wiffleball for hours upon end. Our favorite stadium was Greg Estep’s side yard. The beauty of our field was that while it wasContinue reading “Wiffle Ballers will be swinging for Amy For Africa on Saturday”

Showing of JAWS a night to remember … again

My wife and I were among the couple of hundred patrons who gathered in the Paramount Arts Center on Friday to watch the special showing of JAWS, the 1975 blockbuster classic that can still make you afraid of getting in the deep end of the water. We arrived early, about an hour before show time,Continue reading “Showing of JAWS a night to remember … again”

They will always be my Heroes of the Faith

It was nearly four months ago that my brother found out his sweet wife had a brain tumor. She passed away early this morning around 2:45 in their Jacksonville, Fla., home. Their journey brought sadness, but also spiritual strength to all those who were touched by the courage Pam showed throughout the ordeal. She isContinue reading “They will always be my Heroes of the Faith”

JAWS sure to bring back some memories

My wife and I have a date with a shark on Friday night. We’re going to see “JAWS” on the big screen at the Paramount Arts Center. The last time I saw it up close and personal like that may have been the summer it hit theaters for the first time in 1975, the summerContinue reading “JAWS sure to bring back some memories”