Seeing is believing with solar eclipse

ASHLAND, Ky. – So did you watch the eclipse on Monday?

If so, you should no longer be in the dark – approved glasses or no glasses – about an Almighty God who created our universe. His unbelievable power was on full display for all to witness. Millions looked up toward the heavens (Is there a better place to look?) and saw this miraculous sight.

Do we really think we can alter anything He has created? How can anyone doubt His existence? He is showing Himself to each one of us – to you, you, you and to  you.

It simply doesn’t make sense that the universe is the result of a blind process. Eclipses occur on earth because the moon is both 400 times closer and 400 times smaller than the sun. That perfect ratio (Do you think that was by happenstance?) allows the moon to completely block the sun on rare occasions.

We are talking about a universe in such divine and precise order that we knew in advance that a solar eclipse was going to happen on Aug. 21, 2017 and that the next one is coming April 8, 2024. Could that possibly be chance? Hardly. It’s an all-powerful, all-knowing God who divinely made this universe and remains in control of it. He suspends the stars in place and calms the winds and the seas. He knows all about you – the good and the bad – and He loves you anyway.

We are significant to Him and that’s really something when you consider the majesty we witnessed today.

All of this is His creation and the way that He continues to reveal Himself to a lost world. His creation couldn’t have been more obvious and in better display than during the total solar eclipse on Monday.

Seeing was indeed believing.

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