CP-1 HOF class has power, pitching, speed and the best coaching staff around

Thee fifth class of the CP-1 Hall of Fame will have induction ceremonies Saturday in Central Park. Activities begin at 1 p.m. beside the big diamond.

The weather forecast looks spectacular and emotions will be running high so bring some tissues.

As I usually try to do, I’ve put together a lineup based on the 10 inductees and, like always, it’s a stunning group.

cp1ballSome guys have to play out of position, but they were all so good, it shouldn’t be a problem. One of our honorees who is in for his coaching ability – Ashland’s Frank Sloan – played some professional baseball and was a catcher before he came here. So that’s where I put him. He can also take part in an incredible coaching staff – T.R Wright, Sloan and Mike Johnson. Nobody will outcoach this team. Guarantee it.

Johnson was a catcher for the Tomcats, but I know he can play outfield. He used to tell his Babe Ruth players: “Even girls can catch popups.” So, he won’t have any trouble patrolling right field.

Tobey Tolbert could probably take care of most of the outfield by himself with his speed. I put him in center field and led him off. Speedster Dick Fillmore bats behind him while the 3-5 hitters could bang it – the great Robert Wright, powerful Herb Conley and hard-hitting Ed Joseph. Who would want to face that murderer’s row?

Darryl Smith is a natural at first base and waiting to pitch if called upon. Ed Radjunas gets the honors at the hot corner, where we had three outstanding ones. I moved Joseph to second base despite being a stellar third baseman. Conley, another good third baseman, goes to the pitching mound. That left Radjunas in his familiar home at third base.

Be sure to come out Saturday and enjoy the festivities which should be completed around 3 p.m.

Donna Childers Suttle has reserved the downtown Giovanni’s back room that holds 40 starting at 5 p.m. Everybody is invited.

  1. Tobey Tolbert, cf
  2. Dick Fillmore, ss-p
  3. Robert Wright, lf
  4. Herb Conley, p
  5. Ed Joseph, 2b
  6. Darryl Smith, 1b-p
  7. Mike Johnson, rf
  8. Ed Radjunas, 3b
  9. Frank Sloan, c-coach

T.R. Wright, manager



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